Birds have always fascinated me! From my early childhood to today. I can remember being on holiday with my parents on a caravan site and rigging up a bird trap. I know it's not done these days and I do regret any stress I brought to the few birds I actually caught! But I just wanted to see them close up. I rigged up a soil riddle, supported by a stick at one side of the rim. To the bottom of the stick I attached a long piece of string and placed a piece of bread under the riddle. When a bird - any bird - went under the riddle for the bread, I pulled the stick away thus trapping the bird. I could then, just for a few moments, get right up to the bird and observe it. It was wonderful for a young lad at the time.

I was always looking out for one bird that had eluded me from a photography point of view - the Kingfisher! What an amazing bird! Always looking up and down river banks and streams to try and catch just a glimpse of one. Was i surprised that, while swimming in Cyprus to see the Kingfisher pictured at the beginning of this set actually fishing in the sea! From his position here on the rocks - later from the side of a speed boat! - diving into the sea and actually being rewarded with small fish! Until then, I had;t a clue they were sea fishers.

My Work

I tend to concentrate of subjects that interest me. Hopefully you will like them too and allow them to inspire you.

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The Landscapes

Usually bold & vibrant

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The Birds

A Childhood Passion

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The Natural Graphics

The Almighty Paints

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The Colours

The Colours All around Us

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The Skies

Sunsets & Skies (He's been painting again!)

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The Arts

Music, Fashion, Inspiration

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The People

People & Occupations

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The Strange

Strange but True!

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