I have this thing... I love to see artists' work that offer wonderful abstracts. I don't know how  they 'see' these things. However, I do see them myself out and about in the natural world.

What is it about these images that intrigues me? Well I'm not sure actually. Maybe it's the time that these processes have taken to produce these wonderful natural shapes and colours? Maybe it's the thought of a God that created everything and saw that 'it was good'?

I strongly suspect that it's the thought of a God who just could not stop Himself creating these amazing things and was Himslef thrilled with all the colours and textures he has at His fingertips! Thank you Lord!

My Work

I tend to concentrate of subjects that interest me. Hopefully you will like them too and allow them to inspire you.

I48A0176 Landscapes 450x320

The Landscapes

Usually bold & vibrant

I48A2768 Birds 450x320

The Birds

A Childhood Passion

I48A6983 Natural Graphics 450x320

The Natural Graphics

The Almighty Paints

I48A4099 Colours 450x320

The Colours

The Colours All around Us

I48A7928 Skies 450x320

The Skies

Sunsets & Skies (He's been painting again!)

I48A6402 Arts   450x320

The Arts

Music, Fashion, Inspiration

I48A6674 People 450x320

The People

People & Occupations

I48A6645 Strange 450x320

The Strange

Strange but True!

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