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There are so many things that interest me it is difficult to try and focus on subjects that mean more than  others. when you consider the many experiences I have had over my life span so far, you can imagine that I have seen pretty much everything! That, of course is not true.

But the pathway my life has taken, now directs me to a number of specific genres of images.


Ian Henley Photography Birds Nuthatch

Birds have always fascinated me! From my early childhood to today. I can remember being on holiday with my parents on a caravan site and rigging up a bird trap. I know it's not done these days and I do regret any stress I brought to the few birds I actually caught! But I just wanted to see them close up. I rigged up a soil riddle, supported by a stick at one side of the rim. To the bottom of the stick I attached a long piece of string and placed a piece of bread under the riddle. When a bird - any bird - went under the riddle for the bread, I pulled the stick away thus trapping the bird. I could then, just for a few moments, get right up to the bird and observe it. It was wonderful for a young lad at the time.


I48A6869 200

Being a camper and a fisherman for many years, I am very happy to be outside and enjoying the fresh air & scenery. I have always taken photographs of the great outdoors and have been particularly impressed and motivated by the countryside especially in places like Cornwall, Yorkshire & Cumbria in the UK and, more recently, in Australia (since my younger son moved there in 2006). My attention is particularly caught by high colour, high contrast scenes that God provides and sometimes don't actually look real! These scenes attract comments such as 'If you painted this no-one would believe you!'.

Natural Graphics

I have this thing... I love to see artists' work that offer wonderful abstracts. I don't know how they 'see' these things. However, I do see them myself out and about in the natural world.

Take the rings of a fallen or even felled tree. An example is shown here. What is it about this image that intrigues me? well I'm not sure actually. Maybe the time that this process has taken to produce this wonderful natural image. (To me anyway!)


Ian Henley Photography Colours

I am quite fascinated with the move towards bright, vibrant colours that are now all around us in markets, shops, building and in places of work. It seems there has been an outbreak of vividness and a move away from soft, cool and gentle presentation of products and general living.

Look out for this change. I sense it still has a long way to go yet and will probably increase as the economy picks up and grows. all designed, i think, to stimulate us into spending more and to instigate a move into less moderate living!


Ian Henley Photography Skies Sunsets

This scene was created by the very best painter of all time! I believe God REALLY enjoys painting the skies and I love capturing them! whether it's a sunset or just could formations - whether soft and bubbly or so threatening - I don't really mind.

The colours, the forms, the hpoaes. There is always something to see and it's constantly changing. Capture the moment!  


Ian Henley Photography Art Images

This interest probably stems from my love of colours. But I love many forms of art which can be presented in a photographic form using different presentations. hrough changing the angle or light treatment, one can produce diverse image forms. 

This image for example, is taken from a stained glass window in a cathedral.


Ian Henley Photography People

Who doesn't like people-watching? When I look at people - any place, anywhere - I can see the faces, the stories, the lives. It seems amazing to me that from just one 'human race' there can be so many different races, faces and creeds.

I don't know this lovely old woman, but, on one level, I believe I do. I see her long life, her beliefs, her complexion, her experience and hard work. She works in the market in Paphos Old Town on the island of Cyprus.

Can you make out her life-story for yourself?


Ian Henley Photography Strange Images

If you are a photographer, look out for these. They appear unexpectedly from nowhere! But they are definitely there. 

This is an image taken on the island of Cyprus at a marina called Latsi. It's beautiful place and please don't think this place is messy at all. IIn fact, it's a beautiful place to have lunch and a super drive over the hills from Paphos. But the fact that it's such a lovely place, makes the find all the more surprising.


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